Sunpentown su-4010 Dual-Mist Humidifier: SPT su-4010

sunpentown su-4010 humidifier
Sunpentown su-4010 is an ultrasonic dual mist humidifier with a one year warranty. It features an ion exchange water filter. It is white in color but the water tank is in blue. It has a weight of around seven pounds. You usually get this spt su-4010 for the cheapest price on Amazon with free shipping. Sunpentown su-4010 has got good reviews. You can see some of them on this page itself by scrolling down.

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Model Features & Details of the Spt su-4010 ultrasonic dual-mist humidifier

Sunpentown su-4010 is an ultrasonic dual-mist humidifier. It is equipped with an ion exchange filter. Sunpentown su-4010 is called a dual mist humidifier because it can put out both warm mist as well as cool mist into the environmental air unlike most other ultrasonic humidifiers which only put out cool mist into the air.

Sunpentown su-4010 is a really effective ultrasonic dual mist humidifier. It is known to double the humidity of the room in a matter of few hours. Spt su-4010 is not more than 6 inches deep, hence it does not take a lot of space in your room.

The top of the  Sunpentown su-4010 humidifier is really flat. This makes it easier to fill the water into the humidifier tank. You simply need to turn the humidifier tank up side down so that it can lie comfortably on its flat top and you can then fill it with adequate water. The humidifier tank can hold about four liters of water.

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The quality of the mist produced by sunpentown su-4010, either warm or cold, is really good. Spt su-4010 really produces mist not water droplets like other overpriced ultrasonic humidifiers from other brands. The humidifier tank can hold water up to 11 to 12 hours if you keep the humidifier setting to the maximum. So, you may have to fill water into the humidifier tank three to four times a day if you are using Sunpentown su-4010 humidifier for the whole day.

The Sunpentown su-4010 humidifier features an ion exchange filter to filter the water. Even then, Sunpentown suggest that you fill the water tank with distilled water instead of normal water. Sunpentown su-4010 can increase the humidity levels of the room to about 50 to 60% easily. Some users have reported that spt su-4010 raises the humidity to a level where the windows get fogged up which means it really does work.

The best time to use this sunpentown su-4010 ultrasonic dual mist humidifier is at night. You can switch it on before you sleep and switch it off when you get up. Spt su-4010 has knob controls using which you can adjust the amount of mist it outputs. The knobs are easy to use and you can control the working of humidifier better.

Sunpentown su-4010 also does not smell bad like some of other humidifiers like honeywell hcm-630. Ion exchange filters do not let out any bad smells as such. That is why they are preferred over other kinds of filters. Another nice factor which works in favour of Sunpentown su-4010 is its silence. It does not produce any noise like other humidifiers. Spt su-4010 remains silent even when the setting is at the highest.

Sunpentown su-4010 humidifier works even for large rooms. You can even see the mist coming out of the spt su-4010 humidifier. If you want the water in the tank to last longer than 12 hours, then you can run it in the medium setting. But, sunpentown su-4010 works the best for small rooms where the lowest setting would work. You only have to fill water into the tank only once a day if you keep the humidifier in its lowest setting.

Sunpentown su-4010 looks thin and compact. Spt su-4010 has a nozzle which you can adjust to change the direction of the mist. The water tank is blue in color and you can see the level of water inside the tank.

The Sunpentown su-4010 humidifier is a very useful device for people with nasal congestion, bronchitis etc.

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