Honeywell Quietcare Humidifier – HCM-630

honeywell quietcare humidifier
Honeywell hcm-630 quietcare humidifier is a cool-moisture humidifier. It weighs around ten pounds. It comes with a five year warranty. You usually find this honeywell quietcare humidifier for the best price on Amazon with free shipping. Click the check price button above to check its current price on .

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honeywell hcm-630 customer review 3

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Model Features & Details of the honeywell quietcare humidifier

This Honeywell quietcare humidifier hcm-630 is a highly preferred cool-moisture humidifier for places with very low humidity. It is also very easy to configure your preferred settings in this honeywell cool-moisture humidifier because it features high speed knob controls. There is also a basic version of hygrometer in this honeywell quietcare humidifier to measure the amount of humidity in the air. Most humidifiers don’t come with any hygrometer. Hence, it is a very good addition.

More often than not, you will be satisfied with this honeywell hcm-630 cool-moisture humidifier. It works adequately. You might have some occasional fan issues. But, it is not a norm.

You have to be aware that this Honeywell quietcare humidifier is not mean’t to be used twenty four hours a day. It can not replace a full size humidifier in this aspect. Ideally, you want to be using this honeywell cool-moisture humidifier during sleep times, probably at night. It is built for intermittent usage only. You can switch it on just before you go to sleep and switch it off after sleep. It is recommended that you fill this cool-moisture humidifier with water even when it is not on. You might not want to leave the humidifier fully dry. You can also improve the water saturation by turning the humidifier filter upside down. You can buy the filter in bulk. It is recommended that you look for them online where you can obtain them for better prices than in the local stores. You might want to search for them on Amazon itself. Honeywell recommends to change the filter regularly. It is also very important to clean the filter and the fan quite regularly to keep the honeywell quietcare humidifier in good condition.


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Honeywell hcm-630 is good enough to get the humidity levels of your room above 50%. Though, it doesn’t work completely silently, you would find it less noisy as compared to some of the other humidifiers in the market. It does not make any annoying sound as such. If you are not too keen on replacing the filter often, you can put up with it by cleaning the filter on a regular basis using the cleaning directions provided in the manual. Regular maintenance can bring down the frequency of replacement of the humidifier filter remarkably.

Some people have found out that this honeywell quietcare humidifier does not hold as much water as one would expect it to. But still, it does its job by increasing the humidity levels above 50% which is actually pretty good. You got to keep in mind that this honeywell cool-moisture humidifier is NOT an ultrasonic humidifier. A good advantage of this honeywell quietcare humidifier over the ultrasonic ones is that it does not wet the floor or the carpet as much as its ultrasonic counterparts. The honeywell quietcare humidifier does not make your floor messy with water unlike the ultrasonic humidifiers.

Honeywell hcm-630 also does not leak water like many other humidifiers. It does a very effective and efficient job. It has a reasonably slim design. As far as the negatives of this honeywell quietcare humidifier are concerned, one can say that you can not adjust the air flow. Filling the water tanks can be cumbersome for some people. You have to turn it upside down. The fan blades can have some issues after a while. It is not as quiet as ultrasonic humidifiers.

If you have a big house, you might want to buy more than one of these honeywell quietcare humidifiers. The fact that it is not too costly works for it. This honeywell quietcare humidifier also has a 5 year warranty. This honeywell quietcare humidifier weighs around 10 lbs. It puts around 3 gallons of output everyday.

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